City of Bayswater Enterprise Agreement inside Workforce

This is a background paper for a project that maps the development of corporate agreements in Australia through the prism of complexity and simplicity. Building on Peter Schuck`s four complexity characteristics – technicality, density, differentiation and uncertainty – the project develops a multidimensional framework for categorising the complexity of corporate agreements. The empirical study uses content analysis techniques to evaluate company agreements concluded between 1993 and 2011 under the federal industrial relations system in the fields of higher education and fast food. To allow other researchers to replicate or build on this work, this backgrounder includes the coding framework, list of agreements, and cross-tabulations for the project. Subscribe to this paid journal for more articles on the subject. Local governments face particular challenges and must meet particular labour law requirements. At McLeods, our team of labor lawyers works with local governments in Washington State to assist you with a wide range of employment issues that impact your operations. As part of our practice, our employment lawyers invest time in understanding the specifics of each case so that we can provide our clients with tailor-made and practical solutions for their particular situation. We are committed to responding quickly and proactively to all labour law issues facing our clients. . Caulfield CampusSir John Monash DriveCaulfield East, Victoria 3084Australia Our labour lawyers have a deep understanding of the unique responsibilities and risks associated with local government labour law issues. We understand that these issues are often complicated for a local government and require a sensitive and confidential approach. In the event of complaints of discrimination, our team can help you with advisory and representation services to help local governments achieve the best possible outcome.

Members of the McLeods team have been instrumental in several landmark equality cases, including: representing the City of Perth before the Equal Opportunity Tribunal; Worked as a councillor with the City of Geraldton to defend an allegation of political discrimination; and to act as counsel for the Western Australian Department of Health in an important case to defend a number of allegations before the Equal Opportunity Tribunal. .