Curtin University Academic Professional And General Staff Enterprise Agreement

C.1.3 Additional wage allowances paid only to certain trades and service personnel; Project work Based on the data available at this stage, is there a reasonable prediction of a significant risk of declining listings, which will likely require a decrease in future enrolments, and it is necessary to cover, in the period prior to the decline in listings, work of a species that could reasonably be expected to be affected by the decline in listings. Fixed dates can be used for up to 3 years. Take existing guidelines independently with related work orders or think about how a certain stock of knowledge is applied to solve problems. In professional or technical positions, there may be a recognized authority in a specialized field. An A-level teacher will work with the support and guidance of senior academic staff and should develop expertise in teaching with an increasing degree of autonomy. An A-level academic usually has four years of graduate studies or equivalent qualifications and experience and may be a graduate. In professional positions, routine supervision in the general management, depending on the tasks and experience associated with it. In technical positions, management and can monitor other employees. A research scientist is assigned the following workload: (f) an employer must not exert undue influence or pressure on a worker when he or she commits to leave rather than overtime. A researcher is assigned a workload that varies according to the mix of research and other scientific tasks. 54.1 All staff members have the right to have the opportunity to take appropriate professional and professional activities. These activities offset both the needs of the university and staff. Before responding to a Section 65 request, the employer must discuss the application with the worker and make a real effort to reach agreement on a change in the rules of work that takes due account of the employee`s circumstances taking into account the conditions: the position of a staff member, with appropriate information on line management reports , is published on the staff portal on the university`s website.

The University will encourage and allow public servants to take annual leave each year and will notify the officer of 30 days or 225 hours of annual leave (or proportional equivalent for staff at part-time) inviting them to submit a leave plan within six months that allows them to take 20 days or 150 hours of leave agreed for both parties within six months.