Elaborate Secure Preferred Candidate`s Agreement

Please confirm your consent to these conditions and accept this offer by signing this agreement on or before [the bid submission deadline]. The letter of offer is the written agreement that legally binds and legally binds the details of your candidate`s employment. Letters of offer can be used for full-time or part-time workers. There are even letters of offer of internships. All are written and usually sent by email. The selection of candidates begins where their recruitment ends. In other words, it is only when a sufficient number of applications are secured by different recruitment sources – internal or external – that the selection process begins. The risk of losing your preferred candidateThe risk to you, as a potential employer, is that the candidate for whom you have shown a real interest – and who is in fact a loss-making product – can withdraw from the process or accept a competing offer. This is, of course, the impact on performance and budget of a vacancy for a longer period of time.

After an interview, call your ideal candidate with real interest and enthusiasm and reinforce your thinking about them, the team, the divisions and the company. The goal is to reinforce the fact that the future is now. Now is also the right time to cover any concerns they may have. It could be a simple conversation with the example: if several internal stakeholders are involved in the recruitment process, make sure that everyone – or at least the key decision-makers – agrees before moving forward and making a formal job offer. You will also want to rank all your candidates in the restricted selection based on their team and corporate form. Don`t be blinded by a candidate`s skills and smarts. Having only one employee who does not embody the right attitude can affect not only the morale of the team, but the entire company. For some people, negotiation is a fun part of any contractual agreement.

If you have an open mind, honest disposition and clear communication, leave your candidate with positive experience and a sense of respect, even if the new conditions cannot be met. In my last speeches, I talked to you about how you can attract the best people into your work. The people who will make a difference with the success of your business. Today, I will talk about the final stage of this process; Get your offer to accept your preferred candidate. Delays in the recruitment process The end-to-end recruitment process can sometimes be a long process. As a general rule, it takes 3 to 4 months for our clients to occupy a vacant executive position, with 25% of orders at least six months.