Trade Agreement With Russia

(a) encourage their respective nationals, businesses and organizations to directly develop, publish and provide lists of nationals, businesses and organizations involved in foreign trade, as well as other information useful for contacting and evaluating potential trading partners, as well as lists of government agencies and officials involved in foreign trade policy and regulation; and (2.1-8) the licence cannot be transferred, except for the part of the business or the app value that operates such a licence; According to Andrey Slepnev, the parties have made considerable progress in adopting the draft agreement in previous rounds. Agreements have been reached in the areas of e-commerce, customs cooperation and the simplification of technical procedures and obstacles. Trade in goods as well as health, plant health and veterinary measures are highly coordinated. (a) tariffs and taxes of any kind levied on or in relation to import or export, including the nature of the collection of such duties and taxes; (2.1.11) Decisions on the issuance of a compulsory licence and the terms of the licence are made by a court and may be challenged and reviewed in accordance with national law; 4. If, following the stoppage of the importing party, an emergency measure is necessary to prevent or remedy such a market disruption, the importing party may take these measures at any time and without prior consultation, provided that such consultations are requested immediately afterwards. 4. Each contracting party may denounce this agreement after written notification to the other party and, in this case, the parties will endeavour, as far as possible, to minimize any disruption to their trade relations. With regard to Article VIII, point l) B), of the agreement, it should be considered that the Russian Federation accepted the obligation to comply with the General Copyright Convention of 6 September 1952, which came into force on 27 May 1973, and the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property of 30 March 1883, revised in Stockholm on 14 July 1967.