Consultancy Agreement Hong Kong

Date of termination of the consulting contract: In the agreement is determined by setting a specific date in the agreement or after the completion of the project contracted with the consultant. Services: The services that the consultant in such an advisory position must provide to the client or a group company. Consulting fees: The amount of money the consultant needs to provide their knowledge and guilders, and there are many types of them such as a fixed lump sum, a fixed monthly fee, based on working hours. Duration of the consulting contract: This is the period during which the consultant provides his services. Learn more about FindLaw`s newsletters, including our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Force majeure: If a clause of the consultant contract is in the event that one of the parties does not perform or delays or does not fulfill the obligation If the period of delay or non-performance persists for a certain period, the unaffected party may terminate this agreement by giving written notice to the party concerned. Consultant Prohibition: If the party entering into a contract with the consultant wishes to have a non-competition clause in the consultant`s contract after the termination of the consultant contract, it undertakes not to compete in the same field or to work for the competitor of the party with whom the consultant has previously concluded a contract. This website is protected by reCAPTCHA and Google`s privacy policy and terms of use apply. Government law: This clause specifies the applicable law in the event of a dispute and the competent court.

Consultant Confidentiality: Information that the party who has entered into a contract with the Consultant wishes to treat confidentially. Advantage of hiring a consultant: Contract work is scalable, easy to complete when it is no longer needed, independent advice, a variety of ideas from other experiences, flexible for the specific project, usually a businessman higher than possible hired. Duties and duties of the consultant: These are the duties and obligations that the consultant fulfills in order to carry out his work in the best possible way, and any breach of these obligations entails liability for the consultant. A consulting contract is a contract by which a company hires a consultant to provide services as an independent contractor. Consultant conflict of interest: A clause prohibiting the advisor from being involved in more than one financial or other interest and serving one interest could mean working against another. As a general rule, these are situations where a person`s self-interest could undermine the obligation to make decisions in favour of a third party. A person appointed under a consulting contract is not an employee and has no legal rights as an employee. . Freelancer is usually clients tend to use your service for a short-term project with a very specific result, and uses his personal tools to work on the project, and once the project is completed, his relationship with the contractor ends after the end of the project. As a consultant, your clients expect detailed advice from you on a particular area of expertise and usually the projects they are working on are several and not just one project. The e-mail address cannot be subscribed.

Please try again. Consultant services: This clause specifies the services that the consultant provides to the party and the clause specifies how the consultant will provide his service. Counselor: The person who advises someone who advises people on a particular topic. . It is of the utmost importance that the wording on the scope of services in the consulting contract is clearly independent of the consultant: the consultant performs the contract as an independent contractor and is not the client`s employee or employee. Consultant`s Intellectual Property Rights: The Consultant holds intellectual property rights in the works created by him and the Consultant may transfer the intellectual property rights in the Works to the Client as part of the services provided. . .

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