Scheduling Agreement Confirmations

This means that the order of information in this DataSource is based on information in the classifications, but not on the information contained in the confirmations. The old contract referred to an inforecord that was set up without Control Key confirmation. So I added the key in the inforecord and via the EKPO table to the agreement. In an order, I can enter confirmations with the “manual” AB confirmation order key. Isn`t this possible in delivery plans? Whether an agreement is set up with or without a confirmation order key, the result in MD04 is the same: the rankings are displayed according to the delivery plan (according to your results). I have the solution. I must have confirmations in ME38 and not in ME32L. Thank you very much for your efforts. In the Purchasing component in the SAP-R/3 system, you will find confirmation data in the EKES table (Order Confirmations) and classification data in the EKET table (delivery plan items). Supplier confirmations are only maintained manually, so that whenever confirmations are sent, they are inserted into the confirmation part of the delivery plan.

You do not need to have any supplier confirmations planned (yet). Hello, we use confirmation control key 0001 for supplier confirmations in schedule/Delivery Schedules agreements. This confirmation order key is associated with two types of confirmation, both of which are relevant to the provisions: AB (order confirmation) and LA (shipping notification). The appointment is established with this confirmation control key 001 and the list of sources is relevant to the provisions. When manually entering AB or LA in the Delivery Plan Confirmations preview, the license plate for the item object is automatically activated on the position. If you activate items – list – reduced quantities or cumulative quantities, the confirmations entered are taken into account. However, no confirmation from the supplier is indicated in the disposition notes. Now, if we go to MD04, the storage/hardware list for the hardware in question also does not display confirmation. I have checked all the available information about setting up the vendor confirmations and I can`t find any errors in our system.

I thought the type of MRP for hardware (P1) could be the cause, but tests with it yielded the same result. P1 layout settings (Layout setting type – 1): Layout, Auto Confirmation and Scheduled Calendars, Do not delete fixed orders, Optional forecasts, Unplanned consumption, Unplanned needs, Screen sequence 001 Settings (Layout): the same settings as for P1, unless no confirmation type is assigned, can you tell me how supplier confirmations are displayed in MD04? Thank you! Geert Geert, I don`t work with delivery plans, but I have successfully worked with confirmation control keys for orders. My first question is if you can see a delivery schedule line on MD04 that doesn`t use a confirmation order key? I ask the question because I did not find that the use of the command key changed the initial display of MD04. Dennis Phelan To improve performance, this DataSource does not contain any information about delivery plans….